Mystia Creations mission is to bring the special holistic healing qualities of crystals along with their inner beauty into peoples lives, with light.  From the simple elegance of the polished hardwood designs to the presentation of crystals lending their timeless beauty to artistic expressions, our goal is to amplify the vibration of crystal and further share the attraction that crystals are, in all of their various forms and colours, to be enjoyed as they only can once they have been set to light.

For yourself, friends or family or a business associate, show anybody the light they are in your life with a one of a kind gift of light. Quartz is not just beautiful, it is alive and therapeutic.  Silicon dioxide has fuelled the computer age because of it's ability to conduct electricity and store information and these same properties underly it's healing property's.  Quartz also emits infrared light at the same frequency as the human body, 10 microns, facilitating a unique interaction between us and our crystals.  For those that shine light into your life, Mystia Creations is so much more than a beautiful gift.

Whether you are purchasing a crystal and base combination directly from us or commisioning us to fabricate a unique one of a kind base to illuniate a crystal you own, all of our product lines come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime transferable  warranty. 
If you receive any product from us and are not completely satisfied with your purchase please send it back to us for a complete refund, period.  If the lighting in a base should ever fail simply send the base back to us for a complete repair, parts and labour covered.  If you have not treated your base with the love and kindness with which it was created* this may void our warranty.

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